‘We are RadNet’ is an internal branding campaign designed to reintroduce the company’s values and mission to all 7,500 employees across the country.

Company Profile

Founded in 1984, RadNet is the largest provider of freestanding, fixed-site outpatient diagnostic imaging in the US. With more than 307 centers in seven states, RadNet completes more than 7 million outpatient imaging procedures annually.


RadNet is growing fast. In order to ensure all existing employees and new hires are aligned with the company’s long-term strategic goals, the leadership team launched an internal branding campaign to strengthen employees’ connection with the company. The goal of the campaign will be to reintroduce the organization’s core values and energize employees around the company mission.


Meza Inside developed and executed a strategic campaign to strengthen RadNet’s internal brand and position the company as an employer of choice. Through the development of an interactive, employee-focused communication platform, the company was able to engage users, enhance their company culture, and solidify their core mission. The campaign answered key questions like: who are we? Why are we doing what we are doing? What impact does our work make? How are we doing it better than our competitors? Meza Inside provided RadNet with key messaging and communication strategies designed to encourage employees to engage with the platform. The interactive site included a custom video featuring RadNet team members and a shared employee gallery where employees were invited to ‘join the RadNet community’ through fun, interactive activities.

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