Campaign was to showcase the positive aspects of the Life Balance program with employees.

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Founded in 1857, Santander Group is one of the biggest banks in the world. It’s the primary financial conglomerate in Latin America, leading the area’s top markets in Brazil and Mexico. The institution is also the largest banking corporation in the Eurozone and has strong footholds in the United States and in the United Kingdom.


The biggest challenge of this campaign was to showcase the positive aspects of the Life Balance program with employees in a way that encouraged acceptance and participation.


The goal was to encourage team members to comply with new internal rules while highlighting the positive effects on work-life balance. Our team created specific mottos and catch-phrases, like: “8 hours of work without forgetting the other 16”, and “What are you going to do after work today?”, to build awareness and encourage participation.


The campaign resulted in engaged and productive team members who worked hard during normal business hours without feeling the need to extend the work day into overtime. The result was improved employee productivity and reduced burnout and turnover. Additionally, employees took advantage of value-added Life Balance program benefits like Santander seminars and events, gym memberships, and child care programs.

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