A campaign to empower 190 thousand people to contribute to a better world for future generations.

Company Profile

World leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management.


Our main goal with this campaign was to engage and empower internal teams to understand that their support and participation could change the world. The challenge was: How could we bring 190 thousand employees around the world together to effectively support this environmental initiative?


The campaign film was produced with a minimal use of energy. The acting scenes were captured using only economical, energy-efficient LED lamps. The film has had over 22,000 views and 313 shares.


Each campaign poster was produced in the language or dialect corresponding to its respective country. There were 75 different versions altogether.


In order to save energy and serve the cause of environmentally sensitive energy usage, a screensaver appeared on their employees’ screens after their computers were idle for more than one minute.

Social Content

Posts and daily content showed the importance of the cause to employees and their followers. A “countdown” of posts kept the audience connected until the exact time of the EARTH HOUR.  Employees also published thousands of photographs of themselves getting involved with the cause.


The objective was met and the interaction across the world led to a significant improvement in employee engagement and morale. Over 40% of employees participated in the campaign.

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